Enclave 2020

Game Server #2

The Enclave server was founded in 2020. It is the advanced engine of the World of Clones. New lands were discovered by the clones after defeating the aggressor, General Webman's troops. There aren't many resources, buildings and animals yet. By starting development on the Enclave server, you may become a leader in certain sectors of the ecosystem much faster and write your name in the history of clone world development!

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Metropolis 2007

Game Server #1

The Metropolis server was founded in 2007. It has become home to over half a million clones. It features many advanced empires, majestic structures, and even mythic dragons. In more than 15 years of its history, thousands of players have gained useful business skills here, becoming part of our wonderful community! The unique stability of the ecosystem has proven itself over such a long period of time.

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